Running in winter

Although in theory I think of running in winter as being much harder than in the summer, I actually run more in the cold, darker months than I do in the warm, sunnier ones. I definitely get faster times in the winter and that’s because when you are running in the cold and dark, you want to get home faster!

I’m really fortunate to be living in a really beautiful part of England at the moment. We live in a little Berkshire village, by the river Thames and there are footpaths and byways all over the place.  I get to go on really varied routes so I never get bored.

My winter running uniform is: long leggings that I don’t mind getting really muddy, a vest, a long sleeved merino T-shirt and a jacket or jumper over the top. Fleece neck warmer, hat or hood and gloves if it’s really cold. I bought my trainers in June and they are already pretty trashed from all the track running.

I look pretty scary really.  Particularly as I won’t have any make up on and my hat or hood will be totally covering my hair. But I am comfortable and warm.

Put your clothes out ready the day before. Tell whoever you live with you are going for a run (a little accountability means you can’t back out without some jibing). Make sure you have music downloaded and the battery is full on whatever you are putting in your ears. Decide where you are going and imagine yourself running there. Think about the hot, comforting meal you are going to eat after.

It’s not easy getting out for runs in the winter but it is so worth it. There are still things to see and views to enjoy. If you can do two or three a week over the winter then you are going to be happy to wear shorts and a vest for your summer runs. Think toned legs.

22 January 2018 A22 January 2018 C22 January 2018 D22 January 2018 B


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