The things I lost in 2017

This is a nice way to start the New Year isn’t it. I didn’t need to make a resolution along the lines of ‘get fit for summer’ or ‘eat less sugar’, because I had already done it. I’m not smug about it though.  It makes me nervous. I think, my resolution is just as hard as losing it. Maintain the results.

In January 2017, I wasn’t doing any sport at all and I was steadily stress/comfort eating myself out of half my wardrobe. I had a bulging disc. Getting in and out of the car was painful, running was out of the question.

In April, a very clever surgeon (who I really must write and thank) successfully shaved off (lovely) the bulging disc. Thankfully there wasn’t any permanent nerve damage so all I had to do was convince my nerve that it wasn’t in pain anymore and then start rehabilitating myself back to fitness. I did this by running, signing up for pilates and seeing a sports therapist to make sure I was going down the right track.

In September, for lots of reasons (see Lessons from the Body Coach), I signed up for Joe Wicks’ 90 Day SSS Plan. I wanted to do something positive for me. Already a lover of exercise, the HIIT and weight training sessions weren’t that difficult to do, it was following a diet that was my big challenge. I learnt so many things, which I talk about here and here. The main thing I got out of it was realising that eating healthy food was really enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be complicated (lots of weighing things out) and there is a lot of freedom to get from being disciplined.

As I said, now that I have finished the programme, the big question is; can I keep it up? Will the old habits of eating a bag of Haribo at 4pm every day come back? Will I continue to prepare three healthy meals a day or will I start skipping meals and surviving on high carbohydrate snacks? Has this new healthy lifestyle become a way of life for me or was it just a 3-month diet?

To help me commit to keeping lean and healthy, I have started this blog and I am going to write a post every day that documents a healthy choice I have made each day for the next year. It could be a meal I have cooked, food product I have found, exercise I’m doing, anything that is essentially helping me to keep healthy. For now, I’m just doing this for me, but if I manage a month then I might start sharing what I am doing. That way I will have some accountability. Plus what I hope might happen, is that people like me, just your every day normal person; with jobs, family, friends, PTA, birthdays, home admin, all that, will find the posts useful and inspiring for maintaining their healthy life.

Let’s see shall we.

11 January 2018

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