Bacon sandwich for breakfast


  • Two slices of granary bread
  • Handful of salad leaves
  • Five slices of turkey bacon
  • Five cherry tomatoes, chopped in half

Fry the bacon in a teaspoon of olive oil until they are cooked and browning round the edges. Add the cherry tomatoes in for a couple of minutes. Put a slice of bread on a plate, add leaves, pour on the bacon and tomatoes, squash it all together with the second slice of granary.

If you had said to me this time last year, that I would have a bacon sandwich for breakfast, I would have laughed.  For me, a healthy breakfast was a smoothie or fruit. Plus I have a sweet tooth, so something with fruit or sugar in it was always how I liked to start my days.

Joe Wicks, and probably anyone who works in fitness training, puts a lot of emphasis on protein in your diet. I’m not a qualified PT, so what I am saying next is just how I understand the science as a person who is learning on a personal level.

If you are doing workouts, then you need to feed the muscles you are working. And if you are wanting to avoid snacking between meals, then protein is more effective than carbohydrate or fat to increase satiety. Essentially you will feel fuller for longer after eating a high protein meal.

Of course if you want to be lean, then the protein needs to be lean, which is why this is a turkey bacon sandwich. I had this after doing some shoulder exercises with dumbbells and then going for a 7km run. That’s why I’m having my protein with carbohydrate (bread), because the cardio exercise causes my body to burn the extra calories that are in the carbohydrate.

12 January 2018

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